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Supply Chain is in Throes of Transformation
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Richard Sherman, Senior Fellow, Supply Chain Centre of Excellence, TCS [NSE:TCS.NS]

1. How has your Supply Chain operating model changed during the last five years? Supply chain management has been undergoing a fundamental transformation from “chain” management to “network” management. With the...

New Unfoldings in Pharma Compliance
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Thomas N O'Leary, CIO, ICON plc

An Overview of the Current Market Trends Shaping the Pharma Compliance Ecosystem The use of mHealth (mobile health) technologies are increasingly being embraced by patients, healthcare providers, and payers alike. While connected health...

Shaping the Future of Human Wellness through Modern Technology
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Manoj Vig, Head, Clinical Data Repository, IQVIA

Did you know the healthcare operating model has essentially stayed the same for 100 years? If you think about it, any system that is 100 years old has obviously been updated since, and it’s high time we work to bring the healthcare system up...

Digitizing Pharmaceuticals
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Ashok Upadhyay, IT Sr. Director, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. (U.S.)

In the world of omnipresent social media and smart user-centric devices, digital technologies continue to redefine newer and better ways for people to interact with one another. Ironically the compliance-led pharma and life sciences industries...

Going Digital: Driving Healthcare Transformation through Emerging Technology
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Vindell Washington, CMO and SVP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

In today’s digital world, people handle the majority of their business and personal needs online. Increasingly, people expect to handle healthcare needs digitally as well. Spurred by new public demand, healthcare is rapidly moving into the...

Transforming Health Care for the Consumer
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Laurent Rotival, SVP of Strategic Technology Solutions and CIO, Cambia Health Solutions

As the saying goes – everyone is a patient, thus everyone is invested in health care. However, as individuals we are all more than just our medical histories, our diagnoses and treatments. Health care needs to look at people in a more...

Crowd Sourcing for Healthcare Innovation
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Benson Hsu, Vice President, Data and Analytics, Sanford Health

Healthcare delivery as a whole, with all its technological advances in patient care, has seemingly been inattentive in applying advanced analytics onto the endless amounts of data being collected. Historically, one could argue that healthcare...

Digitizing the Life Sciences Value Chain
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Andrea Fiumicelli, VP and General Manager, CSC Healthcare & Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences industry is undergoing a wholesale transformation. In every corner of the world, healthcare and life sciences companies—which include pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers—face...

AaaS as a Game-changer in Healthcare
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Derek Evans, SVP and Practice Head—Commercial Effectiveness, Symphony Health Solutions

In today’s ever-changing healthcare industry, pharmaceutical companies need to handle a mass of healthcare data every day. They are finding it difficult to access the vast amount of information due to lack of appropriate data processing...

The Magic Formula for Biotech IT
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Jeffrey Keisling, CIO and SVP, Pfizer

With the explosive growth of genomics data and the broad implementation of electronic medical records, there are more opportunities than ever to leverage technology to better serve the needs of patients. Healthcare, our understanding of disease,...

Peloton Group: Building a
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Guy Daniello, CEO and Founder

A provider of full life-cycle services on premise and off premise that drive business and IT transformation

Sales Performance International: Unique Sales Performance Optimization Solutions
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Brad Ansley, Director of Global Life Sciences Practice

A global sales performance improvement firm, helping the world’s leading organizations drive predictable revenue and profitability by optimizing sales performance

Saama Technologies: High-End Data and Analytics Services
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Haranath Gnana VP, Life Sciences and Healthcare

The leading data science solutions and services company delivering Big Data solutions to Global 2000 clients

DDi: Strengthening Clinical Data Management
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Mahesh Malneedi, President

DDi assists its clients with an exclusive mix of functional and domain expertise to provide the technology requirements of global clients.
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