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Smart CRISPR For Better Therapies
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Roberto Nitsch, Associate Director, AstraZeneca

In recent decades, there has been an increase in demand for specific, reliable and affordable medicines in line with the rise and fall of novel therapeutic approaches. The scientific community has struggled to find a direct and easy way to explore...

The impact of inventory management (IM) technologies on practice performance and patient outcomes
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Eric Besse, VP of Business Information Solutions, at Besse Medical

Inventory Management Technology: The Key to Better Patient Care Inventory management (IM) systems are an essential part of any successful physician practice. They can help practices safely store and track medications, using technologies such as...

Maintaining A Patient- Focused Community Pharmacy With Consumer Technology
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Dale Danilewitz, Executive Vice President and CIO, Amerisource Bergen Solutions

The role of pharmacists is changing as they are increasingly becoming the first line of defense for patients in need of answers regarding their treatment plans, medications and other health and wellness-related questions. Nowhere is this felt more...

Technology Drives and Elevates Drug Repurposing
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Bruce Bloom, Chief Executive Officer, Cures Within Reach

Drug repurposing has been a part of therapy discovery in medicine for as long as there have been drugs—even before the arrival of commercial “drugs”—when healers first repurposed nature’s compounds for medical...

Navigating Technology Transformations for CIO Success
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Steve Betts, CIO, Health Care Service Corporation

Delivering New Capabilities Faster The unprecedented level of change and unpredictability that we are experiencing within the healthcare industry shows no signs of slowing down. One of the key challenges for healthcare CIOs is understanding...

Machine Learning- A New Paradigm Shift
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Kent Sorensen, CEO, DITA Exchange

Machine learning is finally making its way into mainstream conversations. On the surface, it sounds like the development of the artificial intelligence that we have been warned of in science fiction movies. Today, however, its applications are...

HVH Precision Analytics: Data-driven Insights for Early Diagnosis
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Steve Costalas, CEO

We find the target patients you are looking for AND provide you with the actionable insights and knowledge to intervene
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