CEBIS International: Catalyzing Successful Clinical Researches

CEBIS International: Catalyzing Successful Clinical Researches

CIO VendorMihai Manolache, President & CEO
As patients are the key element of any clinical research, it is important for pharma companies to have a patient recruitment and retention program in place. While recruiting the right patients for a particular drug development project is essential, ensuring medical adherence by these patients is another important aspect. Medication adherence is a critical issue that needs to be monitored and assessed continuously, as often patients may look up for the side effects of the medication and stop using it. In case the medications are not taken as prescribed, both the patients, as well as the stakeholders, will suffer. Medication adherence is essential even if the patient is not participating in a clinical trial. Addressing these requirements for pharma companies is CEBIS International that specializes in patient recruitment as well as retention through medication adherence and technology-based interventions for successful clinical research projects. As a global niche patient-centric CRO, the company boasts of a 97.3 percent medication adherence rate from its patient support programs.

CEBIS provides two major services—clinical research services and patient support programs. The clinical research services cover medical writing, regulatory affairs, monitoring, data management, biostatistics, and publishing, working closely with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices companies. On the other hand, the patient support division is focused on medication adherence and technology-based interventions. With well over three decades of experience in clinical research, the company’s expertise and know-how together with utilizing standard validated procedures, and total quality management tools are offering clients accurate and on-time deliveries. CEBIS helps clients throughout the Product Life Cycle, starting from idea to market, covering all the clinical development stages, regulatory affairs, product safety and vigilance.

Once the patient signs the consent form, CEBIS’ medical call centers communicate with the patient about the features and benefits of the program.

Our technology is built on expertise in health behavior change and patient engagement, and it goes beyond individuals struggling with compliance to post-marketing settings

After the patient is onboard, the company uses technology-based interventions to improve patient retention implying medication adherence by using unique databases, tailored educational information to individual patient needs, delivering technology-driven reminders to patients and providers. CEBIS also employs digital technologies such as mobile apps, wearables, and conversational AI to enhance health outcomes by increasing adherence. These apps and devices give a clear understanding about the patient behavior to find out the impact of the drugs. “Our technology is built on expertise in health behavior change and patient engagement, and it goes beyond individuals struggling with compliance to post-marketing settings,” says Mihai Manolache, president and CEO of CEBIS International.

The company strongly believes in taking a multi-faceted approach to engaging patients which is why it includes face to face interactions in addition to its technological solutions. “With our face to face interactions, we can increase medical adherence. Owing to a complete adherence, we are able to increase the success rate of the treatment beyond the results we portrayed in the trials,” explains Manolache. With such stellar results, CEBIS has been selected to take care of patient recruitment and retention and to offer support in several major patients programs developed in Europe in oncology-hematology, gastroenterology, CNS and immunology.

Besides, CEBIS regularly keeps up with the changing regulatory landscapes across the globe to succeed in all stages of the drug development. Along with local partners and its technical staff, the company understands the regulatory framework for each country to support its clinical research programs. CEBIS is moving ahead with its digital technology, mobile apps and conversational AI as powerful tools to continue having success in patient recruiting and retention, including medication adherence. “Through our solutions and services we want to optimize disease self-management and prepare for a seamless transition to complete care,” concludes Manolache.
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