EphyX Neuroscience: A Leader in Electrophysiology for Neuroscience-related Preclinical...

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EphyX Neuroscience: A Leader in Electrophysiology for Neuroscience-related Preclinical Studies

Txomin Lalanne, President, and Co-Founder, EphyX NeuroscienceTxomin Lalanne, President, and Co-Founder
The bias against Central Nervous System (CNS) drug development manifests itself in approval trends by regulatory agencies. Certain drugs are "fast-tracked" for approval due to perceived medical importance, notably those that can potentially treat severe or life-threatening illnesses that address an unmet medical need. Given the lack of effective treatments, the growing number of treatment-refractory CNS patients, and the high degree of intolerable side-effects, many CNS development programs would be considered to address an unmet medical need. Although most companies enter into CNS development programs fully aware of these complexities, they are often minimized or even ignored in favor of the potential payoff of a CNS drug approval, given the enormous and ever-growing CNS customer base. To address such impediments, Bordeaux-based contract research organization EphyX Neuroscience—specialized in electrophysiology for neuroscience-related preclinical studies and drug discovery—offers the highest quality electrophysiological measurements in human iPS cells-derived neuronal cultures and acute slice preparations from a vast diversity of rodents and human brain areas. The company designs the most relevant protocols and provides its customers with the best possible services in terms of data quality, speed of acquisition, human interactions, and scientific exchange. "EphyX applies the technique of electrophysiology to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) to help clients drastically limit the rate of failure in CNS-related early preclinical studies and drug discovery," states Txomin Lalanne, the President, and Co-Founder at EphyX Neuroscience.

A team of highly qualified personnel that know the nitty-gritty behind delivering reliable neuroscience research services, the company effectively empowers its clients to harness the highest quality of electrophysiological measurements in rodent acute slices/dissociated cultures and human iPSC-derived neuronal cultures.

Our perfect blend with an innovative on-site platform that offers key in vivo data, coupled with our in vitro specialization unique opportunity for pharmaceutical firms to boost their neuroscience-related preclinical research

EphyX Neuroscience possesses an outstanding capability to test the effects on neuronal electrical activity and potential defensive mechanisms of various compounds, from single cells to network of cells and tissues. "We can provide a clear and detailed picture of the effects of various compounds on neuronal physiology, from brain circuits to single ion channels. Additionally, by capturing data from human cells at preclinical stages, clients can optimise the selection of compounds to limit the risk of failures drastically," explains Lalanne.

EphyX Neuroscience's specialization in CNS-related preclinical research helps it undertake data recordings on specific transgenic animal and human models and employ acute or chronic compound exposition. In fact, clients are equipped with the ability to identify components that act positively on rodent models while showing different results in human neuronal cultures, thereby enabling them to generate predictive and useful information. This, in turn, goes a long way in guiding them to select the right compound, which exhibits positive results in both human iPSC-derived culture as well as rodent tissues, empowering clients to tread confidently into the next stages of their research programs.

EphyX Neuroscience offers its services in pre-designed packages that include modules addressing critical aspects of specific conditions and on-demand services to resolve client-specific requirements and to assess mechanistic details about their compounds' actions. Marching full steam ahead, the company has developed its own pharmaceutical compounds through electrophysiology and collaborations. "Our perfect blend with an innovative on-site platform that offers key in vivo data, coupled with our in vitro specialization unique opportunity for pharmaceutical firms to boost their neuroscience-related preclinical research," concludes Lalanne.
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EphyX Neuroscience

Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Txomin Lalanne, President, and Co-Founder

EphyX Neuroscience is a CRO specialized in in vitro (acute slices) electrophysiology applied to the early CNS-related preclinical phases and drug discovery. The company aims to quickly and efficiently help its clients optimize their compound selection to limit the risk of failure. With highly qualified experts performing recordings in acute slices from both rodent and human, makes EphyX Neuroscience’s data truely predictive. Additionally, EphyX propose both pre-designed packages tackling key aspects of selected conditions and on-demand services to address client-specific needs and assess mechanistic details of their compound's action. We partner with an innovative in vivo platform on site, providing key complementary in vivo data which, together with our in vitro specialization, offers a rare oportunity to boost CNS pre-clinical drug discovery

EphyX Neuroscience