MD Biosciences, Inc.: Boutique Solutions for Biological Research

MD Biosciences, Inc.: Boutique Solutions for Biological Research

Preclinical research traditionally requires the involvement of disparate entities to perform studies, where for instance, immunohistochemistry or histology would be carried out by one company and proteomic analysis by a different company or laboratory. Compilation of the results in such a methodology prolongs the whole research process. The pharmaceutical and biotechnology frontrunner, MD Biosciences holds these methods and laboratories as one continuum of services to derive results within a short time frame. An accompanying scientific management structure ties all these services together under one roof supported by the best people and instrumentation to enhance the research.

By virtue of its scientific expertise, the company analyzes a cross-section of methodologies and results for an improved and powerful set of endpoints for clinical or preclinical studies. “We are one of the very few companies able to deliver an optimal level of scope and depth in biomarker analysis,” extols Dr. Eddie Moradian, CEO of MD Biosciences.

As a preclinical laboratory, MD Biosciences’ first pillar of focus is to primarily understand the pathways related to immunology, inflammation and neurodegenerative diseases, with which they design unique studies that illustrate the efficacy of compounds and their mode of action. As a result, MD Biosciences is one of the few companies with a great understanding of mechanisms of pain, pain induction, and pain therapy through pathways unrelated to opioids.

The second pillar of the company is to focus on the development of translational models of pain in the pig. “Our translational models are very well published in reputable journals and have become the leading methods by which companies can evaluate and predict the activity of compounds in humans,” states Moradian.

The provision of clinical biomarker analysis to clinical studies is MD Biosciences’ third pillar of focus in services. With a suite of complex techniques including 16-color flow cytometry, picogram and multiplexed proteomics, genomics and digitized immunohistochemistry and pathology, the company further develops methodologies, validates them to CLIA and diagnostic standards, and puts them in place as validated tests.

With the four pillars of our work, we cover everything from preclinical to translational, to clinical, and post-marketing companion diagnostics

This brings attention to the fourth pillar of the work, the diagnostics side, where the company collaborates in the creation of novel diagnostics which may be distributed to laboratories worldwide through its network.

“With the four pillars of our work, we cover everything from preclinical to translational, to clinical, and post-marketing companion diagnostics and research products,” states Moradian.

As a contract research partner, MD Biosciences’ relationship with their sponsors is based on a collaborative approach, which grows over time. They effectively become the extended research arm for their clients through their sponsors or a smaller biotech that's looking to accelerate its growth. One sponsor that lauds the type of work they do is Johnson & Johnson who MD Biosciences helped in the discovery of novel pharmaceutical activity in a library of compounds. Their challenge was to evaluate these compounds through a true phenotypic screening platform, which MD Biosciences successfully managed to develop. The company applied the platform to the evaluation of the entire library, finding compounds with novel modes of action.

In response to the new scientific developments and publications, MD Biosciences keeps making new advances with a proactive approach and research to be best attuned to the needs of their sponsors. They have worldwide facilities in Europe, Switzerland, as well as in Israel and in the U.S. The company is adding new capabilities and attracting more clients while always on the lookout for roping in great scientific talents who can bring in new aspects and novel functionalities to their work.