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Top 10 CROs in Europe - 2019

The global economy is changing, and the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies are progressively looking to outsource critical functions, including research and manufacturing of the therapeutic drugs and medical devices. Many major corporations are outsourcing clinical trials, drug discovery, drug development, outsourcing, and various other services to Contract Research Organizations (CROs) as a result of the increasing size, complexity, duration, and costs. Primarily, for Europe-based CROs, the areas impacting the sphere are the globalization of CRO and strict regulatory guidelines by the EU Clinical Trials Directives. The EU directive continues creating challenges for the trials in Europe-based CROs through reinvigorating compliance standards for leading CROs. This has further triggered the need for efficient trial methods for working on more targeted theories.

The CRO industry has grown from providing limited clinical trial services in the 1970s to a full-service sector characterized by broad relationships with clients and by service offerings that encompass the entire drug development process. Besides, CROs provide services that generate high quality and timely data in support of applications for regulatory approval of new drugs or reformulations of existing drugs as well as new and existing marketing claims. CROs leverage selected information technologies and procedures to efficiently capture, manage, and analyze the large streams of data generated during a clinical trial. Additionally, the application of advanced technology and analytics is creating a new pool of opportunities by bringing forth cutting-edge approaches for trial designs, site selections, and patient recruitments. For instance, virtual clinical trials can enable CROs to be more effective and patient-centric as it enables them to create a more personalized approach that reduces the burden on patients. Technologies like Artificial intelligence and machine learning are also bringing in increased efficiencies to the statistical analysis and programming of clinical data along with the increasing costs in drug development.

Understanding the changing times, Pharma Tech Outlook has compiled a list of Top 10 CROs in Europe to guide companies associated with the pharmaceutical sector in harnessing the power of technology to leverage digital capabilities in critical functions including research and manufacturing of the therapeutic drugs and medical devices, while simultaneously broaden treatment options and help improve patient health. In this edition, we are glad to feature CROs like 3Z Pharmaceuticals, Ephyx Neuroscience, and Health Data Specialists (HeaDS) that are at the forefront of revolutionizing the pharmaceutical space through their groundbreaking clinical research solutions and services.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these are continually proving its mettle in the field of CRO in Pharma tech. We hope this issue of the Pharma Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster a technologically-driven pharmaceutical landscape.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlooks’ “Top 10 CROs in Europe – 2019.”

Top CROs in Europe

Changing the industry narrative in early drug development, 3Z is transforming the conventional drug development process, which is constantly getting longer and increasingly expensive. In doing so, the company utilises zebrafish for drug screening, and combines pharmaceutical research with software development, presenting a new way of approaching the zebrafish research model. For pre-clinical drug and toxicity screening, 3Z Pharmaceuticals uses 2500 zebrafish larvae in separate containment wells as its primary animal model. The behaviour recordings of these shoals of fish—that bear 85 percent genetic resemblance to humans—are leveraged by 3Z’s in-house developed software and advanced data processing methods for behavioural modelling and data analysis

AtoZ-CRO GmbH is a full-service Clinical Research Organization (CRO) located near Cologne, Germany, and has almost 30 years of experience in clinical development and clinical study management. The company has achieved their accomplishment in Germany, Europe, the US, and India by providing a massive range of professional services and partner solutions of international clinical studies with pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and nutritional agents. AtoZ-CRO also successfully offers an extensive range of services covering all clinical research needs, especially that of small and mid-sized pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, from the planning stages to the final integrated study report.

CTG stands at the forefront as a high-quality ISO-certified full service provider of drug development related services. With over 20 years of experience in the both global and local CRO landscape, the company extends today a complete range of project management and consultancy services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. CTG combines the advantages of a regional CRO with the extensive experience, know-how and understanding acquired through a history of successfully managing global clinical trials in the highest quality standards around the world. CTG’s value proposition in the market also stems from the flexibility it delivers in carrying out clinical research across the globe according to the client requirements and its unique ability to seamlessly integrate to their SOPs, culture and systems

EphyX Neuroscience is a top-rated CRO specialized in electrophysiology applied to the early CNS-related preclinical phases and drug discovery. The company empowers clients to limit failure rates and harness the highest quality of electrophysiological measurements in both rodent acute slices or dissociated cultures and human iPSC-derived neuronal cultures. EphyX offers both pre-designed packages and on-demand services to address clients'specific needs, and assess mechanistic details of their compound's action. The company’s innovative in vivo platform on site with key complementary in vivo data, together with its in vitro specialization, offers a rare opportunity to boost CNS pre-clinical drug discovery

An European contract research organization (CRO), engaged in conducting clinical studies, data monitoring, and consulting, with particular expertise in hemato-oncology studies. Founded in 2010 by a health economist and a biostatistician, HeaDS has positioned strategically in producing innovative late phase designs and introducing technology in monitoring activities so as to increase data quality and reduce costs. They also bring the convergence of expertise required by industry agents, payers and insurers paired with technological innovation. HeaDS’ therapeutic experience includes the areas of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system, dermatology, hematology, hospital acquired infections, oncology, pain, patient preferences, respiratory diseases, rheumatology urology and treatment value frameworks

MD Biosciences is a clinical-stage biotechnology and pharmaceutical enterprise that offers innovative bioproducts, advanced research services, and advanced diagnostic capabilities. The company offers translational, preclinical, and clinical-phase contract research services for the development of diagnostic and pharmaceutical assets. The enterprise provides services and products across a broad array of therapeutic domains, which includes autoimmunity, inflammatory diseases, oncology, neurology, metabolism, and pain. To ensure the finest quality offerings with expertise and optimize research in every specialized domain, the organization operates four separate divisions: MD Biosciences Neurology Discovery Services, MD Biosciences Inflammation/Immunology Services, MD Biosciences Histopathology Services, and MD Bioproducts

Established in 2001, Pivotal is a complete-services CRO offering service to the healthcare industry throughout Europe. The company takes on the colossal challenges to support cutting-edge clinical development programs with medical devices, IMPs, diagnostics, and nutrition products. The clients of the company get the privilege of senior management hands-on environment, operational teams functioning on the ground with the clinical sites, cost-effective deliverables, and in-depth therapeutic expertise. The enterprise shares its customers’ objectives and delivers a robust program for achieving promising results. The headquarters of the company are in Madrid, Spain

With over 35 years of experience, Toxi-Coop provides an extensive list of services to the agrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical markets. With physical chemistry testing services, the company can accurately and precisely measure the drug concentration in the blood of animals and other parameters that keep changing frequently. The factors to perform and measure concentration transformations of the different products or animals using environmental systems like aquatic and sediment system talks a lot of the environmental impact of the medical product. Toxi-Coop also conducts a wide range of ecotoxicology studies in aquatic and terrestrial systems for agrochemical registration and industrial chemical notification

Factory CRO

Factory CRO

Established in 1988, Factory CRO is a complete service Contract Research Organization. The company is specialized in medical device trials. The enterprise has 30 years of experience and operations beyond 30 countries across the globe. Its focus lies in the entire management of clinical studies for IVDs, medical devices, drug-device combinations, and biologicals. From directing where and how to start the clinical trial, the company detects the most influential major opinion leaders across Europe, Australia, and the United States. The enterprise’s expertise helps in running the most proficient and affordable study possible



Established in 1997, KCR provides clinical development solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. The company offers support to clients with full-service clinical development capabilities across three primary domains: Trial Execution, Consulting, and Placement. The enterprise’s strategic hub locations, technical capabilities, and solution offerings enable for the enhanced delivery of trial execution strategies for developing life-changing therapies. The company’s multi-national team of professionals fuels the industry every day. The organization creates value for the life science industry by quickly detecting and delivering clinical development solutions. The headquarters of the company are in Berlin, Germany