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Top 5 CROs in Germany - 2018


As the CRO space continues experiencing radical changes, there is no doubt that clinical trials continue becoming increasingly complex. In this mix, the proliferation of precision medicine has further changed the face of CRO owing to the ubiquitous demand for innovative and efficient conduct trails. For the German-based CROs, the primary areas affecting the sphere are the strict regulatory guidelines by the EU Clinical Trials Directives and the dire need for efficient trial methods to work on more targeted theories.

Today, CROs are navigating into trials through deploying evidence-driven design capabilities that can shorten study timelines, reduce protocol amendments, and subsequently bolster patience recruitment process with more precise targeting. The application of advanced technology and analytics is creating a new pool of opportunities for improving trial performance by bringing forth cutting-edge approaches for trial designs, site selections, and patient recruitments. In this context, niche and boutique CROs have geared up to provide competitive solutions to customers and help them respond to the company requirements.

To help companies select the right CIOs, Pharma Tech Outlook’s distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and the editorial board has come with “Top 5 CROs in Germany 2018.” In our selection process, we have evaluated the vendor’s competency to provide efficient as well cost-effective retail solutions and services.

    Top CROs in Germany

  • A German clinical research organization known for helping healthcare institutions and pharmaceuticals in conducting phase I-IV clinical studies economically

  • KCR


    KCR is a contract research organization providing clinical development solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries

  • bioskin


    A full-service CRO offering global dermatologic consulting and regulatory services and all services for management of Phase I-IV drug trials and claim support/safety studies

  • ClinStat


    Offers services for pre-clinical studies, clinical studies of phases I-IV, post-marketing studies and observational studies in pharmaceutical research

  • Synteract


    An innovative CRO providing full-service, Phase I-IV services to biopharma companies in bringing new medicines to market